• Chicken Cookies

Chicken Cookies


– 100% natural healthy crunchy treat powered with tasty chicken.
– Perfect for training, come in ideal size for dogs and cats of any size and age.
– Use these healthy treats as a reward for good behavior and to reinforce successful training.
– Human safe snack, with no worries if swallowed by kids.

The Bone Guy.
Treats for pets with personality.

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Dimensions 4 × 12 × 23 cm

The Bone Guy

Because choosing the appropriate treat variety can keep our pets healthy and happy, go for ” The Bone Guy”.

“The Bone Guy” is a family home based business specialised in producing a wide range of 100% natural, premium, vet approved treats for our lovely furry friends .

At first we produced 4 different kinds, of human safe, natural pet treats and now we have 8 products suitable for all dogs and cats, in addition to horns which is unique for dogs.

Our story began when we adopted our beloved “Shadow”, a one month old German Shepherd puppy.
Like every pet owner, we started to buy treats from vets and pet stores. We have tried a wide variety of brands and types of treats: (cookies, jerky, bones, rawhide…).
Unfortunately, 80% of products available in stores were pretty unhealthy with lots of chemicals and preservatives.
Eventually, with time, we started to get more attentive about different kinds of treats and their effects on overall health.
And this is when we started to make our healthy, 100% natural, vet approved pet treats.

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