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Colorful Abyss


Colorful Abyss- Native Dream Catcher (23x70cm)

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“There’s an undeniable virtue to a true black; allowing the brain to be mesmerized and pulling pupils deep into that non-found, sensed, yet seemingly colorful abyss”
Colorful Abyss- Native Dream Catcher (23x70cm).
Rhinestone crystal golden spacers, wooden beads, black and colorful spotted feathers.

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Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 cm


There’s a sacred purpose to art. We simply need it to survive.
The opposite of art is habit. Much of life is ruined for us by familiarity. We need new experiences and beauty to re-awaken a sense of wonder and re-sensitize ourselves to the implications of the Universe. We find beauty in things when we can unconsciously sense, qualities we need but are missing in our lives, such as: gentleness, harmony, balance, peace or strength.
Beautiful objects hold an important function, they help nourish and educate our souls.
There’s a spiritual science to decoration. Our surroundings hold a great deal of importance on the quality of lives we live.
My mission on this short time on Earth is to spread as much beauty around the world as possible
Each dream catcher is hand crafted with love from start to finish and absolutely unique unlike anything else.
Wishing you and the universe well with the very best intentions.

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