Lebanon's Showcasing & Export Promotion Portal


is a private sector initiative that aims to showcase 
Lebanon’s Productivity, Creativity, Innovation & Competence
on an online platform with global outreach.

in the midst of CHALLENGE

creativity excels

When you shop on Creative Lebanon, you directly contribute to the livelihood of individuals, small enterprises and communities dedicated to maintaining Lebanon’s true identity. Beyond their authentic offerings, you will find a fountain of creativity, and a pool of new products that deserves world attention.

Onboarding is free of charge for all artisanal and creative producers.  

For the first time in Lebanon, a VISUAL directory of 

Manufactured Products

Productive Lebanon is a visual display of Lebanon’s array of manufactured products, brought to you with careful categorization and indexing. All Lebanese Industrialists are encouraged to join and display their capabilities for the world to observe and engage. By joining the platform, Lebanese industrialists benefit from directed inquiries, business development efforts, international outreach programs and visibility at major annual events such as Lebanon’s Industrial Parade, all undertaken by Loubnany.com for the benefit of Lebanese industry. 

Industrialists’ Fee: $500 per year 

Lead Generation services: TBD




Innovative Lebanon is a first-time audio-visual showcase of Lebanon’s rising stars in the world of digital, product, process or service innovation. It is a display of bright minds bent on surprising the world. 

Be part of our National Pride showcase. 

Skill & Competence 

Lebanon’s creative heads of all disciplines can now enjoy an audio-visual showcase of their skillsets, portfolios, creativity. Professional Lebanon is an online showcase of talents created to expand the outreach of Lebanon’s locally residing competent professionals.  

Announce your profile to the world, now as an audio-visual presentation with flying colors.