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EXTRA Letter File 8cm FC Marbled

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BASSILE FRERES (BF) was established in 1955, BF was created originally as a Binding Services Establishment by its founder Elias Bassile in 1948. In 1952, the location of the Binding Services Establishment was located in Azarieh Beirut. In 1958, its activities expanded at the beginning to produce the Printing Services in Daroun. In the Sixties, a new building of 4000 square meter coverage to fulfill a large range of customized and renewal products with the productivity of its 150 employees. In the Seventies, Beirut Branch was burned due to the War.Therefore, the centralization of BF was automatically moved to Daroun and it extendsand includes the importing of finished products to their original activity. Today, BF occupies an area of 12000 square meters. All this success and dynamism led us to discover and expand in the development of its work and its progress.

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