Considered to be a superior alternative to traditional food storage methods, our Vacuum packaging system removes air and seals in flavor and quality and removes the oxygen that causes food to spoil. In addition, it enables food to retain its freshness up to five times longer

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Established in 1992, in the heart of the manufacturing district, VACUUM BAGS SARL is now a leading packaging manufacturer, after having pioneered the introduction of vacuum packaging to the Lebanese market.

VACUUM BAGS caters to the needs of the food industry and beyond, providing a wide range of solutions including slitting, laminating, printing, cutting, wrapping, pouch making and finished products ranging from the most basic to the most cutting edge..

With quality at the center of our production, VACUUM BAGS has forged a customer-centric strategy to ensure each specific need is met with custom tailored design and production using the latest manufacturing technology and trends in the printing and packing industry using ISO approved raw material.
Our partner approach with our customer empowers the success of their products with superior packaging and added-value. Our ongoing growth stands proof to the untarnished reputation we pride ourselves with.

Our success is also the sum of the achievements of our human capital. With a talented team of experienced professionals, built on a solid culture of ethics and integrity, empowered by more than 35 years of experience in the field of packaging and printing, VACUUM BAGS is “packed” with professionalism.

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