Glycine 1.5% Irrigation USP 3000ml

A sterile, nonpyrogenic, nonhemolytic, nonelectrolytic

It is indicated for:

1.Use as a urologic irrigating fluid with endoscopic instruments during transurethral procedures requiring distension, irrigation, and lavage of the urinary bladder. It may be used for lavage of an indwelling catheter to maintain patency.

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Since 1974, Serum Products group is manufacturing and marketing a wide range of intravenous and irrigation solutions in the Lebanese healthcare market and the Levant region.

Serum Products, located in Choueifat – Lebanon, is an ISO certified and GMP qualified pharmaceutical organization with unsurpassed experience in various segments: Critical care, pre and post-surgery, parenteral nutrition, urology, ophthalmology, infectology, gastrology, cardiovascular and nephrology.
Innovation, quality and proficiency meet here to continuously fulfil the needs of healthcare professionals and deliver sustainable care for patients…

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