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FP1300-Foil Paste Machine

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Special sheeter for baklawa
– Perfect layers of constant thickness
– Upside and downside rolling drums
– Natural movement of drawing and rolling
– Esay separation of final sheets

Specially designed for oriental sweet 7, industries. It rolls or opens all kind of the puff pastes, Beklawa, as well as pastries, Croissant, Mille-feuille, petit-four …etc.
* This machine Guarantees constant thicknesswith no ties and waves in between the layers.
* Precise and strong scrapers for the upper and lower cylinders, easy to clean by simple rotating movement and without dismantling.
* Conveyor belts with differential speeds corresponding to natural movement and perfect operation.
* A heavy duty construction to support intensive work.
* On job completion, conveyor belts can be lifted to reduce overall dimensions (idle position).

– All made of stainless steel 304.
– Rolling drums or cylinders length:130 cm.
– Hard chromium plated and rectified drums.
– Drums opening range: 45 to 0 mm with extremely fine progressive final lowering.
– Product is accepted from 50 mm max height.


SAMTEC is a company founded in 1990. We are specialized in the manufacturing of machines used in bakeries and pastries and recently new machines have been designed to automate the oriental sweet industry.
As another line of manufacturing, SAMTEC is a leader in producing packaging machines such as filling machines, sealing machines, conveyors etc…
As for our most successful and almost unique line that SAMTEC is proud of, is our oriental sweet series produced since 1994. These machines are as follows:
1- Foil Paste Machine FP1300 (doughsheeter, specially made to roll or open the Beklawah paste).
2- Burma cutter (which cut the already made Borma in different sizes and angles).
3- Robotic Cutter. (which cut, in straight lines, equal pieces at different angles all food product of medium hardness like Baklawa, Ballourieh Assieh, inside your round or rectangular trays.
4- Paste molder aligner, PMA160. The PMA 160 can form the “Ghraibeh” and “petit-four” paste the shape you want and align it into your trays.

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