• Verbena Cedar

Cosmaline-Hand Soap Bottle

Authentic and Natural, Soft Wave Hand Wash cleanses, hydrates, and softens your hands, enveloping them in a delicate fragrance of Verbena & Cedar, Gardenia Musk, Grape Almond, Orange Grape, Olive Oil, known for their purifying and relaxing benefits.

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Gardenia Musk, Grape Almond, Olive Oil, Orange Grape Fruit, Verbena & Cedar


Launched in 1986, we provide you with a continuous and complete range of products that takes care of your beauty and grooming needs, from tip-to-toe. Our products fall into the following categories: Hair Care, Hair Styling, Hair Color, Body & Skin Care, Men’s Care, and Kids Care.


United by advanced and innovative formulas, carefully selected raw material and trendy convenient packaging, Cosmaline products are unique and share the same values of protection and safety for all.

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