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Preserved Mloukhieh


Ready to cook Mloukhieh (Jute mallow)

All natural

Free from additives

Net weight 600 g

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Grown in our garden, handpicked, cut and home prepared to give you a ready-to-cook “mloukhieh” -jute mallow- that can be served easily after it’s poured over the broth.

A typical Lebanese winter food that no one would miss even in summer.

Additional information

Weight 1.11 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 14 cm

Jneineh W Beit

“Jneineh w Beit” is a family owned business, combining authenticity, science and expertise.
Father’s passion for gardening, Mother’s passion for preparing authentic meals, and their food scientist daughter guarantee farm to fork, tasty, clean and safe “Mouneh” products.
One of the many goals of “Jneineh w Beit” is to keep the “homemade” identity, which is why, when products are outsourced, local producers are carefully selected and met in person in their villages to ensure our standards are met.
We keep our ties to our land intact, alive and well, and will continue to do so. Our heritage makes us who we are, and our land ensures we keep going, with a variety of delicious, flavorful fruits and vegetables, and their outcomes.

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