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Cotton Robe Pajama/ T-shirt; Robe/Blue


Marie France Brand:

Established in 1976 , We have always been dedicated to the market as an effective and dynamic company. We developed from a business focusing solely on tights and stocking to a medium high brand with an extensive range of products. The products are being sold today in more than 2600 points of sale, and are exclusively present in more than 45 boutiques and booths. Marie France is now being successfully led to the international scene by maintaining the highest quality price ratio coherently with the development of its collection and the widening of the choices. The research and development department works continuously on constant innovation while our management department works on guaranteeing an efficient and effective internal organization of the integrated production cycle.
We have had one specific mission: to adjust in a constantly changing environment by creating value and refreshing every single woman’s needs. Indeed, we are now offering to our customers each year a diversified and updated collection that inspires basic utility and fashion. Our purpose as a company is to be the one stop shop for every woman’s needs from basic hosiery, leggings, socks, seamless, lingerie, swimwear and nightwear.
Our Company’s Vision is to thrive as a business and remain a leader; this is why Mare France’s products are subject to rigorous and constant control at every phase of their production process from the very first beginning, ensuring their durability and high standards. Along with an abundance of ingenious ideas, embraced by intense monitoring and clinched hard work, we are able to offer the market high quality products along with a very well researched pricing strategy, while providing consistency and being an extremely effective and a fast moving organization.

Orobella, Tarow and Tourbillon Brand:

Has been established to provide a stream of products covering a broad range of apparel. It has been designed from the ground up to fit the hyper-market concept.
It includes Hosiery, Socks, Underwear, Pajamas and Leggings.
It provides high quality products, adhering to the requirements of consumers used to the aggressive pricing linked to FMCFs.
The ability to provide such a service stems from the design and choice of materials, as well as the very judicious patterns that reduce costs while keeping the product at the quality required.
The ability of Polytextile S.A.L to produce those items can be traced back to its vertical integration. Everything is produced in-house and so the control is complete from the initial sketches to the final product.
A thorough quality control system ensures that the products are all within the specs required at all time, and a proper tracing system is implemented to handle customer complaints if they arise.
Design and development of new collections is based on the very long experience providing such services for leading brands such as Marie France and Baby Shop.
It relies on a dynamic group of talented designers who are well versed in the trends of the markets and react to changes by reflecting them on the designs themselves.

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