Deodorant Cream 50gr – Déodorant Crème fraîcheur


About :

Kernel Original Deodorant Cream is all natural and uniquely powerful, utilizing food-grade ingredients, as well as powerful essential oils to absorb moisture, discourage bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience.

The frosting-like consistency allows for easy manual application and rapid absorption, and is ideal for all skin types (unisex).

Ingredients :

Extra Virgin Coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera – Sri Lanka), Castor oil*( Ricinus communis – Inde), Raw shea butter*( Butyrospermum parkii – Burkina Faso), Beeswax,  Food-grade Baking soda, Food grade Arrowroot powder, Essential oils: Palmarosa*( Cymbopogon martinii – Inde), Lavender*( Lavandula angustifolia),  Vitamin E.


How to use it :

  • Scoop a little with your finger and very gently apply to the entire underarm area until completely absorbed. Go about your day, odor-free!
  • If you typically experience increased skin sensitivity on days when you shave, we recommend waiting a few hours before applying the Deodorant.

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Shipping Volumetric Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm

Kernel Organics

Kernel is an organic skincare line formulated with 100% natural and fresh ingredients. Each bottle is enriched with organic, cold pressed carrier oils, infused with the finest essential oils and pure flower extracts. Kernel also offers personalized products depending on the need and type of each skin. Kernel uses the best blends of rare vegetable oils and premium essential oils for topical serums.

When something is made by hand with expertise and passion, you can feel it. Each bottle of Kernel harnesses that connection and is infused with love.

Rita Teklé is a graduate in biochemistry. During her early career days, she developed a strong attachment to natural products. She researched and deepened her knowledge in all types of natural oils. She started to work with raw materials and develop essential oils for personal use. And as a result, Rita handcrafted a product 100% natural and handmade.
and so she decided to create Kernel, a brand where she mixes cleverly scents and oils to create cosmetic products.
Kernel product is synonymous with kernel. It’s the heart of nature that Rita puts in her products.

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