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ZEE Cola 250ml

-Carbonated soft drinks.

-Natural flavored with cola.

-packaging for purchase 250 ml.

-Acidity Phosphoric.

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Water extracted from water wells is treated with sea water RO, then specific amounts of sugar are dissolved into it. Next, it passes through filter sheets to ensure complete purity and quality, and finally mixed with the concentrates to create the final syrup.

The final syrup is then pumped through stainless steel pipes to both CAN and PET mixers, and mixed with water and CO2. After having the quality department ensure every step and product of every production phase meets the required standards, the beverage is sent to the filler to undergo the filling process.

Innovation Beverage Industrial Company SARL

Established with the commitment to providing innovative and exceptional high quality beverages, InnoBev is a leading co-packing and private label Lebanese company that prides itself on its hunger for perfection, international quality standards, and high levels of customer satisfaction.By   offering   the   desired   technical   capabilities , lnnoBev is ready to embrace your ideas from the conceptualization to the actual production phase, lead a smooth manufacturing process, and deliver a successful product ready to be introduced to the market. Our experienced and qualified team works closely with clients to develop and produce high quality products that exceed expectations through technical experience, market intelligence, and consumer insight. With our drive to stay head to head with the latest consumer trends and demands, we ensure the development of innovative beverages that At lnnoBev, we offer a boundless private labeling experience with a wide variety of beverage products meeting the highest international standards. From brand and formula development, to design and packaging, we strive to keep on the promise of delivering a fast, efficient, and cost optimized solution to our clients, while ensuring a quality bever­age product that lives up to the brand’s name. We provide our private label customers with a personal­ized experience, ensuring that our extensive exper­tise, advanced facility and technology combined will deliver the quality and value our customer’s shoppers expect. meet our customer’s market goals.

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