Saj Nomade

Mtayleb, 71rst street, Samaha building. 1rst floor, Beirut , Lebanon

+961 76 660562

[email protected]

Being young Lebanese designers, at the beginning of our careers and living in times of crisis in Lebanon, we found an opportunity amidst the chaos!

As two fresh product design graduates looking for projects to take on, we participated in the « to leave or not to leave » exhibition by Beirut Makers. The saj « Nomade », is a travelling saj that fits the theme of the exhibition perfectly! As we leave, we always take a piece of Lebanon with us, so why not take what we miss the most; our culinary traditions!

We produce everything locally, by collaborating with many Lebanese craftsmen. Spin forming, laser cutting, woodworking and sewing, are some of the processes we use.

The saj has been long overdue for an « on the go » makeover! Our product is one that has been missing from the heart of every Lebanese kitchen, whether they are living abroad or in Lebanon.

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